Artist’s book dummy, 2020

Shortlisted for Images Vevey book award, 2021

Soft Knowledge draws on Aby Warburg’s concept of an “afterlife” of images in which the image continues to “adhere and haunt”: The history of art is a (his)story of ghosts that stick to our skin. George Didi-Huberman defined Warburg’s notion of the surviving image as “an image that, having lost its original use value and meaning, comes back, like a ghost, at a particular historical moment: a moment of “crisis,” a moment when it demonstrates its latency, its tenacity, its vivacity, and its “anthropological adhesion”. Through analogue and digital collage, Soft Knowledge explores these moments when images resurface and return in unexpected ways.

Notes: Georges Didi-Huberman (2009) Confronting Images: Questioning the Ends of a Certain Art History, translated from the French by John Goodman, The Pennsylvania State University States Press, pp: xxii-xxiii.